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May 16, 2015

8:00 - Registration and Refreshments

9:00 - Welcome and Opening Remarks
Introduction of Planning Committee
Introduction of District Instructors of Work

Master Mason Lodge - District 54
Open MM Lodge - Stated
Ballot on Petition/Proficiency
Call to Refreshment
Return to Labor
Dispense with MM Lodge

9:45 - The Entered Apprentice Degree - District 1A
Open EA Lodge
Exemplify EA Degree
Exemplify EA Catechism Return
Ballot on EA Proficiency - Voice Vote
Close EA Lodge

11:00 - Break

11:15 - School Resumes
The Fellow Craft Degree - District 1B
Open MM Lodge (Called) and Dispense
Open FC Lodge
Exemplify FC Degree
Close FC Lodge

12:30 - LUNCH

1:30 - School Resumes
Resume Labor in MM Lodge - District 54

The Master Mason Degree - District 54
Exemplify MM Degree

Master Mason Degree (Second Section)
Combined Cast from All Districts

Close MM Lodge
(as Called Communication with Warden in East)

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