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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The William Hiram Wood School is the annual school for Masonic instruction in Northern Virginia, covering Districts 1A, 1B, and 54. Over an extensive day-long training session, brothers have the opportunity to receive instruction in the degrees of Masonry, learn some of the meanings behind the degrees, and get answers to their questions on any aspect of the Craft.

While the school is not a substitute for the statewide and more extensive Reid James Simmons School, we realize that it can provide an opportunity for those who may be unable to attend that school, but can attend one closer to home.

This year the school is being held at Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, and is open to all Masons in good standing. The instruction is supervised by the Area Lecturer and District Instructors of Work.

We welcome the Brethren of all Lodges in Masonic Regional Division 7 to take advantage of the school. The links in the left column provide more information on registration and logistics.

Who Was William Hiram Wood?